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Do You Want to Know how to Become a Mystery Shopper?

Everybody could use a little extra cash, and mystery shopping is a flexible, simple, and fun way to earn it. Here’s how it works:

Steps to Becoming a Field Agent with TheSource

Search Projects

  • Search by city, state and zip code
  • Search by project type

Sign Up

  • Request projects
  • Fill out an application
  • No fees to work with us!

Execute Work

  • Visit project location
  • Complete an evaluation
  • Submit your project

Get Paid

  • Independent contractors in the United States can enroll in Direct Deposit and be paid for completed work every week! Paper checks are issued once per month.
  • Independent Contractors in the UK and Canada are paid for completed projects every week via PayPal.
  • Project Payments vary by specific parameters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mystery Shopping:

The Top Ten Questions about Mystery Shopping, Answered!

Simple! Click this link and register to be a mystery shopper for TheSource. It really is that easy

There is no difference between a mystery shopper and a secret shopper, they are just two of the most common terms used in the market research industry. A mystery shopper is a secret shopper and a secret shopper is a mystery shopper.

People like you request a project to mystery shop a particular store or brand by a coordinator at TrendSource. You evaluate a particular aspect of the store (like its products, its staff, or its health and safety practices) and submit your work to TheSource, which analyzes the work and passes it on to clients.

Mystery shoppers evaluate stores with market research companies, which use their work to help clients make data-driven decisions. Mystery shoppers do projects at grocery stores, retailers, and even from home.

Mystery shopper payments vary from project to project depending on the type of work and how much of it is required.

Independent contractors who enroll in electronic payment (Direct Deposit in the United States, PayPal in the UK and Canada) are paid for completed projects every week. Contractors opting for paper checks are paid once per month.

Mystery shopping helps retailers, manufacturers, and grocers better serve customers like you.

Mystery shopping is not difficult, but it does require attention to detail. You will be asked to execute specific projects, record your observations, and then submit those observations via an online portal.

Unfortunately, mystery shopping scams are common. They are so common that there's even a blog about it. But you have found the real deal here with TheSource, which has a proven track record of on-time payments. Remember, TheSource NEVER pays for projects before they are completed, so if you received a check from TheSource or TrendSource for work you have not performed, do not cash it and reach out to your local authorities.

Safety is our number one priority and, during the public health crisis, it is important to remember that the safest thing anybody can do is stay in their home as much as possible. That said, TheSource offers projects for stores you likely already shop at, and are already visiting during the pandemic, and also offers projects that can be performed from home. Our clients require mystery shoppers to follow local regulations and CDC best practices.